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 Alb Levelling Guides

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PostSubject: Alb Levelling Guides   Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:20 am

I have no clue about levelling in Alb...never have, except to dick around with my free level 30s on Bors. If any in the same boat, here's some levelling guides. Found 3 online, if anyone interested, posted here in their entirety:

Quote :
Albion is the hardest of all 3 lands to level. So included is multiple areas for almost each level. All spots with a * next to the name means that this is the best spot to level at your current level.
1 – 3
*Low monsters in Camelot Hills
4 – 8
*Monsters at Prydwen Keep in Camelot Hills
9 – 13
*Random Monsters in Salisbury Plains
-Undead Druids North of Darkness Falls in Camelot Hills
14 – 18
*Kill High level monsters around Stonehedge barrows in Salisbury plains
- Darkness Falls beginning area
19 – 20
* Keltoi dungeon in Campacor Forest
20 – 24
-Battle grounds and gain a free level taking over the fort with teamates.
* Keltoi dungeon in Campacor Forest
-South Salsibury plains and hunt the bandits near the water. Lure them one at a time for easy kills and xp
-Darkness Falls killing fiends with groups.
-Go to the Cornwall Catacombs with a group of others players..
*Go to battle grounds and gain a free level taking over the fort with teamates.
-Cornwall Catacombs solo killing boogeys.
-Darkness falls with other players killing flyers in the dungeon.
-Go to battle grounds and hunt the ire wolfs and goblins solo in the area.
31 – 38
*Hunt in Stonehedge Barrows with other players your level range. This place is especially nice due to the large amount of playeers there for ressurecting ect.
-Go to Lyonesse and hunt the variety of monsters in the area.
-Darkness Falls
39 – 42
-Darkness Falls solo or with groups
*Solo Stonehedge barrows
-Danaoi Fisherman in Lyonesse
*Darkness Falls
-Avalon City
-The problem is the majority of monsters are to weak now so your best chance of leveling is to hunt with raids.
Cordinates of Albion
Here are the most frequently used cordinates for hunting in Albion
Keltoi dungeon 60282 54113 in Campacor Forest
Cornwall Dungeon 31744 50861 in Cornwall
Cornwall 39715 54875 in cornwall
Castle Sauvage 36043 367 in Camelot Hills
Camelot 6875 30719 in Camelot Hills
Stone Hedge 37208 36238 in Salisbury Plains
Darkness Falls 50326 52907 in Camelot Hills
Prydwen 21969 48754 in Camelot Hills

Necromancer's Soloing Guide

Please note that while this guide says it is for Necromancers, it can still serve as a guide for all other classes (especially those that do Spirit damage). It is simply called a Necromancer guide because it is a place where there are fast, steady spawns of blues, yelos, and oranges. I try to pick places that have plentyful supplies of undead so that Necromancers do more damage and so that they can steadily pull without having "downtime" by waiting for spawns.
Also, this guide is meant for a Deathsight Necromancer. It will work fine for a Deathservent Necromancer, as long as they stick to blues, but a Painworking Necromancer will find that these places are not as great for them. It is COMPLETELY possible for a Painworking Necro to solo in these places, though I would reccomend that they find a "What to Hunt" a few levels lower than them so they can mass-kill greens.

Finally, this guide uses /loc to show where to find certain mobs. This description was taken from the Dark Age of Camelot Atlas::
"When you type /loc, you get a message that says something like In Malmohus: loc=21444,53878,2824 dir=214 .
The first part's easy. It tells you the name of the zone you're in.
The second part - the three loc numbers - is exactly where you are in the zone. The first number is how far east you are. The very westernmost point in the zone is 0. As you go farther east, the first number gets larger. The very easternmost part of the zone is around 63,000. The second number is how far south you are. The top of the map is 0, and the second number gets larger the farther south you go. The very southernmost part of the zone is also around 63,000. The third number is how high you are. In general you can ignore this number.
The third part - dir stands for direction, by the way - lets you know what direction you are facing. It works like a 360-degree circle."

That should explain /loc better than anything I can do, though I would like to mention that you can hit shift+c to bring up a compass, which is much easier to use that turning in circles doing /loc until your direction is right.

Level of Necro What to Hunt Where is this?
1-5 Hit things around Caer Gothwaite Just outside the keep you start in
6-12 Undead Filidhs/ Druids Camelot Hills: /loc 53k 48k on a hill
12-18 Malevolent Disciples/ Favonius Facilis Room Camelot Hills: /loc 55k 40k is Mithra, they are inside
18-24 Road to the Roman Villa/ Roman Villa Guards Cornwall: /loc 54k 51k for the Roman Villa
25-28 Haunted Appletrees/ Gray Ghosts Avalon Isle: /loc 58k 56k to be between the Ghosts & the Trees
29-30 Catacombs Entrance (above ground) Cornwall: /loc 31k 51k, hunt the guards outside
31-36 Dunters Lyonesse: /loc 52k 45k
37-38 Danoian Clerks Lyonesse: /loc 45k 12k
38-42 Blues at Caer Caddug (they can BAF) or Peallidhs Avalon Isle: /loc 50k 20k for Caer Caddug
Lyonesse: /loc 55k 11k for Peallaidhs
43-46 Lammia Huntresses/Blue Elements or
Outerward of Krondon (they call for help) or Barrows Aldland: /loc 35k 25k for Lammias/Blue Elements
Aldland: /loc 25k 7k for Krondon
Salisbury Plains: /loc 37k 37k for Barrows, go inside
46-50 Barrows= Vigilant Souls, Megalith Wight room or
Lyonesse= Footmen, Pikemen, Guardsmen, Knights, moorliches, bean-nighes or
Avalon City entrance (inside Lyonesse: /loc 32k 43k for footmen, guardsmen, knights, pikemen
Lyonesse: /loc 44k 32k for moorliches
Lyonesse: /loc 14k 48k for bean-nighes
Salisbury Plains: /loc 37k 37k for Barrows, wights/souls are inside

Welcome to Things guide of albion.

The information that follows can by used for any class, although i shall point out which ones are the best to level at which places. from 1-50 i shall guide u though the pve leveling side of the game.
Please note, that this does not cover quests, TD's and instance wings, its mainly for if ur sick of TD etc and need something different to do.

I've leveled most classes to at least lvl 40 apart from merc and tic so i hope this guide can help the classes which i aint played to at least lvl 40. This guide is based on personal xp, and if u find somewhere better then please tell me and i;ll add it.

please also note i put armsman, reaver, paladin, merc, mincer (at times) friar and tic as TANKS. Necro, cabbie, sorc and theurg as Casters. rest (scout and infil) as Stealthers.

Ok so starting with 1-5
Levels 1-5 (all classes)
not much to say, kill around starting zone, or head to humb (north camelot gate) and kill around there.

5-6 (all classes)
Head close to DF and mithra tomb, and kill the wandering mobs to get your self to level 6.

6-8 (all classes)
inbetween DF and mithra theres a stone circle with a large camp of druids on it, The ones in the middle are higher lvl and wont con yellow untill around lvls 10-12, the ones around the outside how every are easy killable targets for any class.

7-12 (solo-tanks, sorcs, necros andcabbies (spec dependant), grp- any)
Mithra tomb, camelot hills, make ur way down though mithra the higher the level you are. Be aware theres not much room for casters in here so wizzy and theurgs may struggle to kill or not to get agro from theurg pets. (although mithra has been upgraded and you will find yellow mobs at lvls 12-16, theres much better places to kill for some nice xp).

10-12 (all classes)
boulderlings, right next to PKB (prydwen keep bridge) they hit hard, but normaly easy to kill as any class, theres 2 camps one on the south side (right next to bridge, best to camp that one as u can run to guards faster if u cant handle the mobs) and one to the north, just north of the bind stone.

10-12 (all classes)
Bandits, just north (over the hill) from WD (west downs), lots of range, normaly dont add (unless u pull leader) and very easy to kill.

12/13-14 (all classes)
Slavers camp in SP, as with mithra u can stay there longer but theres better stuff to kill, watch out for when pulling Slavemaster or Slaver, u will get adds.

14-16/17 (all classes)
move along the river to a set of trees and theres a camp of flying mobs (cant remember name) easy to do, but watch out they added some named mobs there that nuke u when u pull them.

16-18/19 (all classes)
Huge boars and Giants, follow the river again to come to a beach, from there its safe to rest, and u should be able to see the mobs if u look directly away from the river.

18/19-20 (all classes)
Broken bridge, or BB as it used to be called, again just follow the river, u cant miss it. watch out for adds.

20-22 (all classes)
druid's camp, cant remeber the loc, but they are kinda inbetween the road in SP and barrows, big stone circle, night mobs are spirits and are normaly a higher level, watch out for DoTs.

20-24 (all classes- casters be aware, not much room to kill)
Keltoi in camp forest, at 20 mobs will con from yellow to purple, once inside, go left to kill untill around lvl 22, then head to the right from the entrance otherwise you may end up with lots of unwanted higher lvl agro.

20-24 (all classes)
Killing Trees in avalon isle, xp is ok, but u may find it camped as it a pop spot for /lvlers. u would recommend killing the snachers just to the left of them.

17-28(higher?) (all classes)
Tepokis mine. very nice place to level, drops aint bad, not too much agro, watch out for spwan timers though, sometimes its instant. theres a few wandering mobs near the entrance, but shouldn't cause too much trouble. always empty so ur free to kill what u want.

24-27 (all classes)
outside Catacombs in cornwall, theres some mobs just outside of catas, and some just down the hill, easy enough to kill, or if u fancy, have a try at killing inside, cant remeber what level they con yellow too u.

23-28(Sorc/mincers only)
Get a elementalist pet, not far from the snachers, use the pet to kill anything u can see, with nice root/nuke combo, very easy to level with one.

24-26/27 (casters and scouts)
just behind cornwall station in cornwall, theres a camp of Cornwall Hunters. Very easy to kill as they stop and try to bow u, tanks will have problems with this as they will get arrowed to death before they come to you, nice spwan rate and they drop arrows, which is handy if u got no cash.

27-32 (all classes)
Inside catacombs, good for necro, cabbie and reaver, ok for other classes, really nice xp if u can get a grp and go there at about 24 as ppl used to do when xp grps where the normal thing to see.

28-32 (all classes, cabbie, necro, reaver and any slash/crush tank will do the best here)
Giant frogs/ skels, theres a camp just behind BB (broken bridge), really easy to kill, frogs are day spwan and weak to spirit (necro and sapphire cabbie pets own here) night is skels and again weak with spirit. If ur a cabbie and matter spec, i got 4 lvls in 1 hour here with mine, just foucs pull them, and aoe dot, best to stand ontop of the hill when doing it. (use saphhire pet during the day spwan).


28-38 (all classes)
Entrance to barrows, should be enough room for casters, although with my theurg i had to nuke rather then pet as they normaly got agro. (best only doing them to lvl 34ish)

33-35 (all classes)
Bard room, head left from entrance, and left again and ur there, weak to spirit as most of the mobs in barrows are, easy to kill, spwans ok (plus instance door in there so if u run into trouble just jump in there.)

33-35 (all classes)
head to the Cave 'room', left from entrance then first right, mobs can be hard to kill, nice for casters if u can take the shammies out before they cast. watch out for disease.

35-37 (all classes)

fallen warriors, left from entrance, left again, though bard room, down the stairs and ur there, These tend to block and parry alot, and hit like a train, so best done in a duo (would not recommend tanks lvling here, once too me a full bar of end before i hit one with my reaver!)

35-40 (grp only-(all classes))
Wrights room, if u can get a grp go for it, very nice xp at that level, but u aint gonna be able to solo them untill mid 40's.

40-44 (all classes, best with crush tanks, scouts and casters (necro owns here))
Echo room, from entrance, go left then take first right, then left, then right, go down the ramp as it twists round- this brings u to the flying mobs (forgot name), in a big room, on the ledge, head to the left side and drop off and run for the door, best way to get down without agroing the whole room if any. cont to run along the corridor and u will end up in the echo room.

42-46 (all classes- hard to get to lots of agro n the way)
the Tree room, same as above, only once in the echo room, head over the wooden bridge and threw the door on the otherside, turn right and go down the ramp, this brings u into a small circle room, kill any agro here, and u will see a room with some big trees in it. Nice xp, hard to get to solo though, dont pull sahmmie unless ur a caster as they nuke and wont run stight at u

46-50 (all classes)
killing in wirghts room, same as above, only go left after echo room. xp aint bad but theres other places to level these days.

32-36 (all classes, slash tanks and fire wizzy best)
Cornwall trees (start with a 'H' but cant remember name) from south cornwall station, head along the road to lyoness, just before going into the next zone theres some trees to ur right, head into them and u will find some walking trees, kill these, xp aint bad, and drop some nice rings.

36-40 (grp only (all classes))
pygmy goblins in lyonesse, with 2 icers u will pwn here and the xp is insane! where most ppl leveld at this lvl back in classic (including my paladin )

36-44 (all classes, necro's fav leveling spot, cabbie with sapphire pet will own also- Do-able at 33 with buffs, max lvl 44, at 42 the xp will drop!)
clerks in lyonesse, once in lyonesse go left and follow the path untill u come to some trees (near a building) from there head towards the sea (not the lake) and start heading further into lyonesse, theres 2 stones at the waters edge, and they spwan there, best leveling spot for cabbie and necro at this level, so easy and by far my fav lvling spot

42(?)/43-50 (sorc and mincer only)
get a scorcher pet from gwyntell (u may have a hard time at lower lvl finding one thats yellow) and head to cear doigle. at 42/43 to 48 u can head to the coast and kill orcs, and jsut keep moving down the coast the more u level.
From 48-50 (u will need a BB for this with yellow or red heal proc and some healing may be required) get a dragonfly from CD and jump when u come across 100's of orcs all lined up, and just let ur pet do the work, scorcher pets have an aoe defenive proc which goes off every(?) time they are hit, meaning u can take out loads of mobs at once. (often camped for pling due to the high xp and killing rate)

37-50 (all classes)
Avalon city, 37-40 probs best if support class as most grps wont take you if ur a tank or damage dealer. most ppl level from 40-50 here and theres normaly at least one grp around.

48-50 (all classes)
white lights, near bard village in gwyntell(?) very nice xp, watch out for instant nukes, they drop something which stacks 10 times and will sell for about 25g for 10. also drop some nice ROG's.

48-50 (all classes)
Near clifton theres a camp of undead, again its great for necros and cabbies (with sapphire pet) easy kills, nice spwan rate.

48-50 (all classes)
just down from clifton theres a camp of vikings, they hit kinda hard but the cash is nice and so is the xp.

-The End-

Now i know theres loads of other place to level and i aint covered them all, but those above are some of my fav camping spots for leveling almost any chara. So enjoy killing in these spots when ur sick of TD's/instances and quests


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Alb Levelling Guides
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