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 WTF Grammys

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PostSubject: WTF Grammys   Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:18 am

Lemme know if any disagree with the following points:

--Increasingly irrelevant. Define "mainstream" anymore. I couldn't have FOUND a radio station that plays whatever they were selling on that show this morning (last night). Where do they get these acts, and what station plays it? Felt like advertising for RIAA.

--ROCK Song of the year? 5 people/bands I was vaguely familiar with, none of which I would have assumed knew a DAMN THING about rock and roll. Almost as bad as Jethro Tull winning the first ever "heavy metal" song category. I mean...wtf.

--As soon as I saw the GWYNETH take the stage I realized this was going to be a lefty/liberal suckoff fest…coldplay (her husband) and maroon 5…metro-sexualizing music and parading “acceptable” males before the cameras. Great bands...but damn, they looked like an ad for GQ. At least foo fighters played with an intro by Jack Black.

--And why was chris brown on stage at all? Do we ACCEPT battered women now? I prefer to eat mine raw.

--Adele. There’s hope for big girls with talent! I think she was the only class act on stage that night.

--Whitney. Tragic, but utterly foreseeable. I like the article in Stars and Stripes titled "A Great Voice Ravaged by Addiction." Accurately sums it up...but damn, was she not AMAZING in the 80s/90s? 170 million records sold. Pretty good for a budding star.

Ah, just ranting and wishing for something a little more talent-studded and less star-studded.

Love to hear conflicting opinions.


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PostSubject: Re: WTF Grammys   Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:51 am

Sorry, won't get a conflicting statement out of me. When I was younger I was all about these "celebs". These days though I find them more annoying.


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WTF Grammys
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