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 Creep priorities for next couple weeks/Geekfest

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PostSubject: Creep priorities for next couple weeks/Geekfest   Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:40 am

Fellow GeekWarriors,

Truly enjoying both Rift and WoW at the moment. The content elements I had been waiting for with Cataclysm have FINALLY manifested in 4.2 (mo achieves, easier dungeon runs circa WotLK ToC and T9 content, and a few worthwhile guild achieves that are within striking range). Amazing how much money I make when I bill ALL of my repairs to the guild Wink Anyhoo, came close to knocking down Koko's achilles heel TWICE over the past few days, with barely-missed rolls on GREAT weapons to downing ZG bosses repeatedly for those little tweaks. So, to make sure everyone understands my priorities, here goes:

1) ANYTHING Ange wants, either game. Duh.
2) Anything the guild is running in Rift, or any group quests a guildie needs help with. Koko has always been a whore willing to help. That being said, I've kinda maxxed out my gear in Rift atm, and I need a break from artifact farming. Like shooting fish in a SHALLOW barrel. Really want to start Gilded Prophecy, or run T2 dungeons with upgrades and not just my umpteenth sidegrade I pass on.
3) Anything the guild is RAIDING in WoW. Pay attention to 2 vs 3. Given planning and coordination, I will continue to roger-up to things in advance when asked/scheduled. I am TRULY looking forward to finishing BWD this week and BoT in fairly short order given the upgrades we are getting.
4) Playing phased content in Rift. Essential for achievements and goodies for the current water boss phase.
5) Playing in WoW. It has my ADD attention atm, because of the achievements I am missing and the gear I am capable of getting that will make me absolutely SMOKE raid content. I've been leading damage in every Firelands raid pug I have been in, and I'm enjoying nuking big numbers, even gimped as I am on weapons. Given that, here's my priorities:
A) Getting 150 pets. At 142 atm. Each new faction has a pet, but it will take me about a month to get the marks for them. Still need to fish up my Giant Sewer Rat, run HMgT for the Phoenix Hatchling, buy bags for a chance at the scorchling, run artifacts for the 4 I am missing there, and ding the guild to 20 for the guild Herald. I like pets. Everyone likes NUTS. Ange even got her NUTS last night.
B) Ding 50k critters. If you haven't noticed, I am adding 1k to the kill count per day. Give me a couple weeks. That's the armadillo pup.
C) Max Valor Points out weekly. Given the pugs I have been getting lately, this will take 2 days a week, tops. I think I had the first 378 gear, and I plan to outgear anyone left in Demise. May not keep up with Killing Time mains, but then...I don't raid with you--yet.
D) Finish some other achievements--Frostbitten (2 away), Lunch/Fishing dailies, Challenging (guild), and all of the guild level 70 heroic BC dungeons (just need a third to come with Ange and I...glad to run anyone's 70s through those anytime.

All of this may be academic, as we're on the road here in a few days...but you'll be able to find me in vent for anything, or text me if not there.


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Creep priorities for next couple weeks/Geekfest
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