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PostSubject: Just...why?   Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:51 pm

So I find myself generally disaffected with WoW right now.

Love the new content. Love the new skills, new zones, new quests, etc.

Have played through the new content (minus raiding). Have done all of the quests (except a few <60 dungeons). Played at being an achievement whore. Got the TB mounts. Getting to exalted in guild rep.

But my excitement is waning. Here are a few lowlights:

--PUGs that either love the spriest DPS or tell you you're a dumbass for (fill in the blank; usually resulting from raid marking errors on the part of the tank, to misunderstanding how MC works). Nothing like getting booted for "low DPS" after you've been asked to MC a mob that doesn't do damage. CC is still an art it seems.
--Highly variable spriest damage. I go into Grim Batol and put up <6k damage on trash (usually 9-11k)--the group I am with is melee heavy, not cc'ing, and just MOWING through mobs like nothing I've seen to date in this expansion (hell, the tank was putting up 12k). We get to the first boss, I put up 12k and lead dps, the hunter fails to get out of the way of Blitz and gets eaten--so he leaves in the middle of the fight and the group just falls apart without a word. WTF? One boss I'm putting up 10k, the next--18k. Group composition matters...but should it matter THAT much with/without a mage and a shaman?
--Patch notes. I've long been a bit of a cynic when it comes to nerfs and NEW AND IMPROVED abilities for underutilized classes (after all, game companies want people to continue to press PLAY.) However, there seems to be just a little too MUCH appeasement in this next patch--lots of nerfs to dungeons and more than a few buffs to classes. With the exception of nerfing the HELL out of melee druids, did anyone else notice SIGNIFICANT nerfs?
--Raid #2 so far. BH is a nice entry-level raid similar to VoA in that it gets your feet wet without a significant time demand. BUT, when the TRASH requires a 5-minute explanation prior to the first boss in Blackwing Descent...PLEASE tell me it's not all going to be like this. Easy dynamic to understand after seeing what "right" looks like...but tricky trash? Really? This constitutes the new challenge? The Magmaw fight at least seems pretty cool--both graphically and dynamically.
--The players. No, this isn't about puggers and tradechat...although, some of the same dynamic applies. I'm out in Tol Barad the other day and broadcast something about Problim being a difficult kill for clothies. Almost immediately, I get a VERY experienced warlock (with whom we've raided before) start calling me out for being a bad player. Same with a MAGE. I tell the two they've got more damage mitigation than I do with this TYPE of encounter--in one case, a pet...and in the other, mirror images...versus my piddling 7k shield on a 15s cooldown, my renew spell (which knocks me out of shadowform), my one interrupt he is immune to, a pet that cannot hold any kind of aggro for the 15s he lives, my biggest damage spell spammable after the mob is to 25% and it damages me, and even if I avoid the devastating (to clothies) log smash he performs...it's still a freaking CLOSE solo for me, with an ilevel around 349 and more hp than the tank I just ran with. And the cutdowns just didn't stop...which is something I attribute to the older gaming crowd--ridiculing people for the sake of hearing themselves bitch...Kinda like old people and discussions of their medications. So just a little underwhelmed by the ignorance, assumptions, and accusations by folks who aren't trying to troll. Very chickenshit. Makes me want to put all channels but guild on ignore.
--PvP. I led damage in Isle of Conquest (40-man) for both Alliance and Horde during our last win. I wear no PvP gear. With the exception of getting jumped by 2-3 Allies, I have a buttload of survivability it seems. Could someone PLEASE post something about what they've noticed regarding resilience having an impact outside of arena combat in this expansion? With our huge hp pools...feels like we're pretty tough without it in casual BGs. What should I spend honor points on? How much resilience is enough?

On a good note, the blue post regarding "Dungeons are Hard!" is perhaps one of the best (most direct) responses to a gaming community I have seen in years. Rather than nerf everything into WotLK simplicity, the poster explained WHY the new content is a bit challenging. Would that politicians had similar courage.

Just kinda biding my time atm. Somewhat interested in the Rift thing you guys are discussing.


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