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 federal judges can do what?

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PostSubject: federal judges can do what?   Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:46 am

Those of you reading the news, know that a federal DISTRICT judge passed that gays are now officially allowed to be open in the military and for some reason everyone says judge philips ruling is fine...Just food for thought...

Article 1 section 8 of our constitution...

"The Congress shall have Power... To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces"

Ah, further proof our constitution is becoming less and less read in our country...good stuff.


good to know our leadership doesn't even seem to understand our countries governing policies.

I don't rightly care either way, but SECDEF Gates did say that he wanted it to have a transition period if/when don't ask don't tell was abolished, pretty sure that would have been a better idea. Anyway just some food for thought.

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PostSubject: Re: federal judges can do what?   Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:33 am

Heh, if you think this is bad, don't even go read Denninger today.

Great stuff regarding how federal judges are ruling in favor of the banks and directly in violation of the rule of LAW.

We're on the verge of sedition if shit like this becomes the norm.

Hope folks are checking their round count, and taking a HARD look at where they are living--and if they can survive when Zombieland starts up.

Two interesting tidbits from the web today:

--500,000 brit government workers to be laid off by 2014. And the UK isn't even in THAT much trouble. Magnify that by OUR guv'ment infrastructure and an impending 40-50% revenue reduction...heh, 3 big three expenses in America are the Military, Social Security, and Medicare (part D). Oh, and Obamacare now. Guess where the money will come from first.

--Oh, and if you haven't been following the saga of Flint, Michigan...apparently, the city council voted to cut all but a skeleton crew of firefighters and policemen--couldn't afford them, or their huge pensions. Within the first week, arson spiraled out of control. Life's a bitch when you fire a LOT of firefighters at once, huh?


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federal judges can do what?
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