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 Roll Playing servers

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PostSubject: Roll Playing servers   Fri Jun 04, 2010 10:55 am

So a few of us have been farting around on a RP server. Something different so to speak. I would like to know why RP servers are full of perverts more so than non-RP servers. The story:

Matt and I were leveling our toons, a mage and a hunter, when we got the quest to run to Goldshire. Arriving at Goldshire we heard someone mention people cybering in the inn. Having to go inside to turn in quests and to train, we ventured in. In one of the bedrooms upstairs we noticed a female NE and a male human standing on a bed. Next to the bed on the floor was a male NE. Matt, being the silly guy he is, ran up to the bed and climbed on in.

He asks, "What's up?!"

The male human didn't like Matt being in there and yells, "GET OUT OF HERE!"

Matt hangs around for a few moments more and hears the female NE say, "It's getting crowded in here. Let's move." They then go into another room within the inn.

I don't have any juicy details as to what happened in the next room. Sorry.

I could not stop laughing and have to ask.. what gives? Do people actually pay to have cyber sex with WoW toons? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! lol!

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Roll Playing servers
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