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 Demise democracy

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PostSubject: Demise democracy   Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:22 am

Just throwing up plans for the next couple of weeks and people can discuss as needed, after all I may be a dick but this isn't a dictatorship <drum riff>. Anyway My intent from here is to go destroy the lower spire (as we do every week) and go ONE more time to plagueworks...if this results in our faces being pounded for another 4 hours, so be it...remember we can't face the lich king if we can't drop every wing.

However on a good note, if next week still goes exceptionally poorly we will move past plague works for a bit to get our confidence back (god willing) and hopefully find bosses to kill. For those that are unaware we can go to any wing at any time AFTER saurfang dies, so after ONE more week of plagueworks I do anticipate moving to the Crimson Hall.

Good work on starting to work as a team, all we have left now is extreme amounts of personnal responsibility for a long fight...with entirely too many slimes. Hope for better next week and after thursday we'll discuss our options.

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Demise democracy
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